Get action

“Get action. Do things; be sane; don’t fritter away your time; create, act, take a place wherever you are and be somebody; get action.” -Theodore Roosevelt

I have some big goals for 2016. I intend to push myself past my comfort zone and find achievement and from there success in a broad range of areas. The only way is to keep moving, to keep doing and become more than I was when I started. So this year I set aside how silly it might feel at first and adopted a mantra.

Teddy Roosevelt was pretty much the definition of a doer. In fact, he tended to shoot himself in the foot with his own manic desire to do. Still, his life is an easy one to admire and, in a measured way, to find inspiration to be your own version of a doer. The real challenge for me has always been in finding the balance between doing and being. How do you keep the self-discipline it requires to keep advancing on your goals without losing sight of what you need to just be.  Contentment and ambition are ever at war in my life. In spite of worrying about balance, I’ve decided this bit of no holds barred advice from TR to one of his former Rough Riders is going to my mantra for 2016.

So, in order of importance here’s my goals and intentions for 2016:

  1. Stay fit, get stronger and lose that last 10 pounds
  2. Write daily
  3. Finish revising that NaNoWriMo novel and start the submission process
  4. Learn how to do some basic leatherworking until I can make my own archery armguards
  5. Get to be a good and reliable shot with my recurve bow
  6. Go on more adventures

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