About Me

I spend my days as a content marketer and strategists. I spend a lot of my work days crafting words for other people.  While that’s been fulfilling in its own right, I’ve steadily spent my nights working on crafting words and more for myself.

I craft novels, all of which are currently unpublished, but I have big plans and bigger dreams.

I craft leather goods. I have a big project list and a much smaller pile of finished goods.

I craft food, hard cider and more that according to my husband and two kids, all have a much higher success rate than most of my other efforts.

When I’m not learning to make and do new things I spend my time watching BBC history documentaries. At this point, I’ve seen them all. I’m not even kidding.  All of those historical facts rattling around in my head lead to the advent of the “True Facts from Mom” series of conversations with my kids.  They completely love those.

I’m an old school video gamer. I cut my teeth on the classic MMORPG called Everquest. Later, I raided all the things in World of Warcraft. More recently, I discovered the joy of first-person shooters, namely Overwatch.  I have to admit I have an addictive streak when it comes to gaming. I started writing my adult contemporary novel, Ranked Play, as a way to channel all those hours in a game into something tangible outside of my virtual worlds.

HeatherHenley.com is where I share my journey in all the things I craft.