Goals Check: One Month In

Planning my passion
Write it down and it will be done!

In January I set out my list of goals to achieve this year and shared my personal mantra for the kind of effort I wanted to put forward and the kind of person I wanted to move towards being. Part of that plan of attack was to be accountable. I had to lay it out in a public forum as a way to prod myself into continued progress.  Not meeting my goals would result in personal frustration, but also some public embarrassment for not having done or accomplished what I said I would. I’ve been tracking my progress personally with an amazing tool called a Passion Planner. I write it all down, block my schedule and slowly but surely I’m getting on top of my goals. At just shy of one month in I thought I’d share some progress, complete with stats!

Goal One: Stay fit, get stronger and lose that last 10 pounds

I’ve made it to the gym for my Core Fit class an average of 3.5 times per week. I’ve consistently gone up in weights used and difficulty level for most exercises. I’m dreading the days we run a lot less! After a long hiatus from illness and the holidays it feels GREAT to start getting my swole back.

I have also managed to lose two pounds so far! I just have to keep laying off the cookies and that is HARD. The girl scout cookies I ordered are going to devastate my diet plans shortly.

Goal Two: Write daily

I am making steady progress here, but I’m not even close to my objectives right now. Over the course of the last four weeks I have averaged 3.25 journal entries per week, a paltry 0.5 blog posts per week (as evidenced by the thin content around here) and a dismal 1.25 writing prompt exercises. One of those writing prompts was a 1,700 word frenzy I wrote in about an hour from a prompt I found on Reddit’s writing prompt subgroup. It could even go somewhere as a short story.

Goal Three: Finish revising that NaNoWriMo novel and start the submission process

Absolutely zero progress here and that’s pretty shameful. I opened up Scrivener once and then proceeded to do nothing.

Goal Four: Learn how to do some basic leather working until I can make my own archery armguards

It's a coin purse I made!
A coin purse of dubious quality workmanship.

There is some progress to report here. First, my husband and I finished setting up a usable and organized workshop space. That gave me the space to plan out and then execute my first tiny project. After lots of youtube videos and some spending of birthday cash I had enough knowledge and supplies to make a leather coin purse! It is of dubious quality, but I made it! The leather scraps I used were too thin for the snaps and thread I had. The whole thing feels a little slap dash, but it was a start and the final product is usable.

Goal Five: Get to be a good and reliable shot with my recurve bow

My lady bow has sat largely unused with the exception of a trip to our friends’ hunting preserve/farm to faux bow hunt. That technically took place the weekend before my tracking began, so I can’t really claim it. I’d like to say that the cold winter weather has been forestalling me, but I generally like to be outside even when it is cold. No excuses, just lack of effort.

Goal Six: Go on more adventures

Nothing specific to report that has happened yet, but we have lots of adventuring planned for this year. We’ll do more backpacking over spring break and hit the trails hard over the summer. In July we get to venture up north to Minnesota for a wedding and we’ll probably sneak in some hiking while we are there.

So there it is folks, all the progress and all the failures to launch for this first month of 2016.

Get action

“Get action. Do things; be sane; don’t fritter away your time; create, act, take a place wherever you are and be somebody; get action.” -Theodore Roosevelt

I have some big goals for 2016. I intend to push myself past my comfort zone and find achievement and from there success in a broad range of areas. The only way is to keep moving, to keep doing and become more than I was when I started. So this year I set aside how silly it might feel at first and adopted a mantra.

Teddy Roosevelt was pretty much the definition of a doer. In fact, he tended to shoot himself in the foot with his own manic desire to do. Still, his life is an easy one to admire and, in a measured way, to find inspiration to be your own version of a doer. The real challenge for me has always been in finding the balance between doing and being. How do you keep the self-discipline it requires to keep advancing on your goals without losing sight of what you need to just be.  Contentment and ambition are ever at war in my life. In spite of worrying about balance, I’ve decided this bit of no holds barred advice from TR to one of his former Rough Riders is going to my mantra for 2016.

So, in order of importance here’s my goals and intentions for 2016:

  1. Stay fit, get stronger and lose that last 10 pounds
  2. Write daily
  3. Finish revising that NaNoWriMo novel and start the submission process
  4. Learn how to do some basic leatherworking until I can make my own archery armguards
  5. Get to be a good and reliable shot with my recurve bow
  6. Go on more adventures